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Breakthrough Lithium-ion Overcomes Barriers

Removes more than 80% inactive material, half the manufacturing cost

The global objective of economic growth fueled by clean, sustainable and secure energy creates an enormous need for low-cost, plentiful energy storage. Armed with the right batteries, integrators of storage systems are ready for mass-scale deployments. 24M's breakthrough technology is the critical accelerator, with lowest cost, high energy density, safe and long-life lithium-ion batteries for grid and transportation markets.

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What is SemiSolid Lithium-ion?

An invention in the MIT lab of Dr. Yet-Ming Chiang enables a fundamentally more efficient design of the lithium-ion battery.

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24M Partner Kyocera to Validate Process for Mass Production

Kyocera Plans to Address the Japanese Storage Market Using the 24M Approach to Low-capital, Cost-effective Battery Manufacturing

24M announced on June 21, that long-time partner and investor, Kyocera, plans to install capacity to validate the novel 24M SemiSolid manufacturing platform. The facility, under construction in Osaka, Japan, will support pilot production of residential solar + storage systems in the Japanese market.

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