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Senior Mechanical Engineer

Senior Mechanical Engineer (24M Technologies, Inc.; Cambridge, Massachusetts): The Senior Development Engineer will focus on understanding and manipulating the fundamentals involved in the processing of electrochemically active materials, developing novel manufacturing methods for cell components, engaging in advanced metrics development, and conducting root cause/failure analysis of in-process and assembled product.  Apply deep knowledge of the rheology and mechanical properties of semi-solid electrochemically active materials; Solve complex process and engineered material problems including problems of identification, modeling, conducting tests and experiments, collecting data, analyzing of data, formulating solutions, summarizing results, and implementing solutions; Develop analytical and computational based models of specific material properties (rheological, mechanical, electrochemical), create test plans to validate calculations, set up and run experiments and summarize results; Review and understand available adjustments on existing material processing and manufacturing equipment and develop optimization methodologies; Determine methods to “dial-in” material properties (rheological, mechanical, electrochemical) using existing or new equipment to reduce variability and eliminate defects; Develop recommendations for specific process adjustment and tuning procedures based upon analytical studies of involved materials and process steps; Help scale-up of pilot concepts into high volume manufacturing methods; Work with suppliers to exchange technical information and enable further advancement of 24M proprietary technology; Resident expert on the science of the mechanical properties/rheology of electrochemically active semi-solid materials; Share knowledge in areas of expertise with staff of engineers and scientists through weekly update reports and presentations, and regularly working together with peers on assignments.

Minimum requirements are: PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science or related field. [Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science or related field plus 3 years of experience as a mechanical engineer or material scientist developing li-ion batteries will substitute for a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science or related field.]

Special Skills: Must have: (1) 3 years of academic or industrial experience characterizing and modelling flow properties of complex fluids for highly filled suspensions; (2) 3 years of academic or industrial experience characterizing conductive pathways to support the design of battery systems; (3) Foundation in electro-chemical properties of li-ion batteries. Unless otherwise indicated, employer is seeking the ability in the skills listed above with no specific amount of years of experience required. All experience can be gained concurrently.

Apply by resume only to Deborah McHorney, Director, Human Resources, 24M Technologies, Inc., 130 Brookline Ave., Suite 200, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139.  Reference: AH29042. An EOE.