Reinventing the Lithium-ion Battery

Making a great technology better: The most significant change to Li-ion in two decades

Technology Overview

24M delivers a better Li-ion at lower cost

Lithium-ion is the preferred energy storage technology. 24M makes it better, cheaper and more reliable. Our revolutionary cell and manufacturing platform provides higher energy enabled by the lowest inactive materials content in the industry, outstanding cycle life and calendar life for grid or EV applications, and unprecedented safety and abuse tolerance. 24M’s platform is adaptable to current and developing chemistries.

A More Efficient Cell Design

Materials design enables up to 5x the area capacity of standard Li-ion.

Our Manufacturing Process

A simpler, space-efficient, low-cost modular approach

Flexible, Modular Manufacturing
  • 30-50% the CapEx per throughput of conventional Li-ion.
  • One-fifth the factory space.
  • Extensive use of commercial off-the-shelf components.
Ultra-low Cost
  • Low cost without giant factories.
  • Scale production with “Copy Exact” module plants.
  • Site production near customers for lower cost.
A Cleaner, Greener Process
  • SemiSolid electrodes require no drying.
  • No organic solvents.
  • The most recyclable Li-ion ever.
Simpler, Faster Manufacturing
  • Fewer unit operations for higher process yield.
  • Removes need for entire electrode factories.
  • Components to cell in one-fifth the time of conventional Li-ion.
Flexible Support of Cell Requirements
  • Customize for power or energy.
  • Optimized for ultra-long life.
  • Integrates new chemistries.


Differentiated performance whatever your application

24M leverages its unique manufacturing platform to produce Li-ion cells tuned through chemistry and design for a wide range of applications.

Grid Class

Grid-specific cells optimized for multihour duty cycles

EV Class

High energy and power EV cells for mobility applications

Custom Designs

Bring us your special application

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