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Simpler Lithium-Ion Cell Manufacturing


The 24M manufacturing platform is available to license and already being deployed to our technology partners. This innovative platform and process radically reduces unit operations. The process strips out unnecessary BOM, equipment and processes, reduces manufacturing time and slashes lithium-ion costs by 50%. The reduction in capital cost and improvement in efficiency enables the transition from large integrated factories to distributed and co-located facilities.

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Less capital per GWh capacity deployed

Smaller footprint, fewer processes, less real estate

Fewer unit operations, lower OpEx

Become a Manufacturing Partner

24M partners with leading regional and global organizations on gigawatt-scale manufacturing to accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy. With these organizations, 24M collaborates on product specifications, plant design and production scale up. Manufacturing partners include GPSC, Itochu Corporation, and Kyocera Group.

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24M Commercial Partners

Invest in the Future of Lithium-Ion Batteries

24M investors include some of the battery industry’s foremost investors and strategic partners including Charles River Ventures, North Bridge Venture Partners, the 24M founding investors, and several industrial partners. In addition, we’ve received several grants from the USABC, DOE’s ARPA-e, and Vehicle Technologies Office.

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