Leading The Charge

Ultra-low cost batteries for a better energy future

Powering Sustainability

Accelerating the adoption of affordable energy storage

A sustainable, clean and thriving future for the planet requires a critical enabler – affordable energy storage. Our mission at 24M is to accelerate the path to this future. We transform energy production and delivery through high value, low-cost energy storage solutions that significantly improve the operational reliability, economics and efficiency of electric power systems.

The Building Blocks

A Breakthrough battery platform for low cost, high value

Revolutionary Battery Design

Conventional lithium-ion batteries require a large percentage of inactive, non-charge-storing materials. 24M removes more than 80% of these “inactives,” driving inherently lower cost while preserving the benefits of the world’s preferred chemistry, lithium-ion.

Li-ion and Beyond

Lithium-ion is the world’s preferred battery chemistry. It is light, compact and highly efficient. Our revolutionary flexible design and manufacturing process ensure that lithium and future chemistries meet ultra-low grid and transportation cost targets with high performance, safety and long life.

Advanced Manufacturing

Traditional Li-ion factories are too complex and inefficient. We eliminate entire plants that house conventional operations. We scale in efficient steps that match supply to demand with just a tenth of the capital, and enable specialized and distributed models of manufacturing.

"Our goal is to give customers everything they love about lithium-ion at a cost they love too."


Chief Scientist and Co-Founder

MIT Professor Yet-Ming Chiang is a top global battery scientist. His material innovations were the foundation for one of the safest and widely used battery chemistries, LFP. His dissatisfaction with the cost structure of conventional Li-ion batteries led him and colleague Dr. W. Craig Carter to invent the foundational energy storage technology of 24M – based on the SemiSolid electrode – thereby removing a major obstacle to a better energy future.

Integrator & Manufacturer

Drive competitive advantage with 24M inside

24M is working with global integrators to incorporate our low-cost cells into their designs.


Our cells provide maximum simplicity and design advantage in your modules, racks and packs.


Adopt our manufacturing model as your low-cost market entry strategy.

Make The Vision Happen With Us

Partner with 24M to reinvent energy storage for a sustainable planet.