24M Technologies Unveils Eternalyte™ — a Powerful New Electrolyte That Increases Cycle Life of Lithium-Metal Batteries

Cambridge, Mass. — February 13, 2024 — 24M announced the latest addition to its disruptive battery technology portfolio — Eternalyte™, a transformative new electrolyte developed specifically for lithium-metal batteries. The proprietary, liquid electrolyte formula will enable significant improvements in the cycle life and rate capability of lithium-metal batteries for electric vehicle, energy storage and consumer applications. 

This new innovation builds on the recent technology breakthroughs from 24M including 24M ETOP™, its electrode-to-pack battery technology, and 24M Impervio™ its new battery separator. When combined with Eternalyte™ the three new technologies go beyond 24M’s SemiSolid™ and Unit Cell manufacturing platforms and offer a battery technology suite that enables a sustainable energy future. 

Until now, solid-state electrolyte (SSE) technology has been the preferred choice for those trying to commercialize lithium-metal batteries, which have long offered the promise of dramatically higher energy densities. However, safety concerns and short and inconsistent cycle life, caused by lithium or other metal dendrites, continue to limit the commercial viability of lithium-metal cells, including those using SSE-based technologies. Challenges with SSE’s scalability, cost, fragility, and changes in electrical resistance with cycling are additional issues that need to be solved. 24M’s unique liquid electrolyte, Eternalyte™, combined with Impervio™ solves these challenges. The combination is a low-cost way to prevent all metal dendrites and achieve excellent cycle life with consistent and low electrical resistance to cathode active materials. Historically, liquid electrolytes used with lithium-metal anodes had poor cycle life, particularly, with rapid charging. Eternalyte™, however, has demonstrated outstanding cycle life even under rapid charging conditions, paving the way for new lithium-metal solutions. 

“We are on a mission to deliver transformative battery solutions that overcome critical industry challenges. Eternalyte™ plays a key role in making that transformation happen by enabling high cycle life lithium-metal batteries,said Naoki Ota, 24M President and CEO. “While our solutions can be individually integrated into conventional battery products, we believe the most significant benefits are achieved when they are combined. Together, they can deliver a cost-effective and safe 1,000-mile-per-charge battery pack — enabling electric vehicles to be fully competitive with combustion engine vehicles.” 

Preliminary Testing
Early test results show that Eternalyte™ enables substantial improvements in cycle life and rate capability for lithium-metal batteries. 

Unmatched cycle stability: For a lithium-metal cell cycling at 1C discharge/1C charge, 24M Eternalyte™ allows the cell to retain 83% capacity over 500+ cycles, approximately 500,000+ miles of total range and 1,000 miles per charge. 

Significant rate improvements: Test results for lithium-lithium base cells suggested an equivalent of 3,000+ cycles with 4C continuous cycling without shorting or increasing resistance. 

24M believes that Eternalyte™ has achieved the highest cycle stability among liquid electrolyte systems under 20mA/cm2 plating/stripping current. (See accompanying image for more information.) 

A Complete Solution
When combined the 24M suite of battery technologies fully addresses current lithium-metal challenges — safety, cycle life and rate capability — and enables a more efficient and lower-cost next-gen battery. 

  • 24M ETOP™ increases battery pack energy density by eliminating the cell and integrating electrodes directly into the pack. 
  • The Impervioseparator technology prevents and suppresses dendrite growth for safer lithium-ion and lithium-metal batteries. 

Together, 24M ETOP™, Impervio™ and Eternalyte™ enable improved safety, cycle life and energy density to deliver a 1,000-mile battery pack powered by lithium-metal. This revolutionary technology set will transform battery performance for EV, ESS and consumer electronics

A Flexible Technology Set
The 24M technology portfolio provides flexibility for cell manufacturers using conventional processes by enabling them to integrate individual technologies into their current manufacturing processes. While the benefits are not as pronounced, this can allow manufacturers to improve overall performance. 

“For conventional cell production, the fundamental manufacturing process hasn’t changed in more than three decades,” commented 24M Chief Scientist and MIT Professor Yet-Ming Chiang. “We’ve reinvented both the manufacturing process and cell/pack design to create a complete suite of innovative battery solutions that make next-generation technologies, like lithium-metal possible.” 

To learn more about these innovations and more, visit 24-m.com or meet with us in person at one of these upcoming industry events: 

  • NAATBatt 2024 Building Capacity Conference (2/19/24 – 2/22/24) — Booth 21. Naoki Ota will speak on 2/20 at 4:40 PM (Session 1B, room Costa de la Luna 1-4). 
  • Data Centre World (3/6/24 – 3/7/24) — Booth D24. Naoki Ota will speak on 3/6/24 at 2:00 PM (Operational Transformation & Resilience Theatre).

About 24M
24M answers the world’s need for affordable energy storage by offering a revolutionary battery manufacturing and product design technology set enabled by the 24M SemiSolid™ and Unit Cell manufacturing platform. By re-inventing today’s battery products and manufacturing methods, 24M solves the critical, decades-old challenge associated with the world’s preferred energy storage products and technologies: reducing their high cost while improving their performance, safety and recyclability. Founded and led by some of the battery industry’s foremost inventors, scientists and entrepreneurs, 24M is headquartered in Cambridge, Mass. For more information, please visit www.24-m.com

24M® is a registered trademark of 24M Technologies, Inc. 

Eternalyte™, Impervio™, 24M SemiSolid™ and 24M ETOP™ are pending trademarks of 24M Technologies, Inc. 


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